Take 5 For Safety Delta/BJDS

Delta BJDS is dedicated to achieving a zero-injury workplace because the safety and well-being of the workers on every project is the highest priority. We intend for every worker to leave work as they came to work.

At Delta BJDS, we take safety very seriously and we ask all of our employees to “Take 5 for Safety” at the start of each project, each day and each task.

Delta BJDS’s “Take 5 for Safety” is:

  1. STOP: engage brain, work is starting, think before you act
  2. LOOK: identify any hazards, obsticles or potential dangers
  3. ASSESS: what damage could those hazards cause to you and others around you.
  4. MANAGE: implement controls, communicate with others
  5. SAFELY: complete the task

We believe that all accidents are preventable. To create a safety culture we ask our Project Managers for commitment, involvement, and accountability. We have established a corporate safety policy, a substance abuse policy, as well as site-specific safety work plan for each individual job. Delta BJDs provides safety orientation for all new employees and continuing professional development for current employees.

  • Each Foreman/Supervisor has their OSHA 30 hour, first aide and CPR training.
  • Our Insulation Division requires OSHA 10 hour training for each worker.
  • Our Cleaning, Demolition and Environmental divisions requires OSHA 30 hour, CPR and First Aid training for each worker.
  • Take 5 for Safety is performed regularly at every work site.
  • Mandatory Weekly Tool Box Talks.
  • Every employee has Stop Work Authority or the responsibility to stop work when a perceived unsafe condition or behavior is observed.

take 5 for safety delta bjds