Material Recycling – Environment Delta/BJDS

Through adequate knowledge about the environmental risks to people and ecosystems and innovative solutions to prevent pollution and reduce risk, Delta/BJDS can target the hazards that pose the greatest risks and anticipate environmental problems before they reach a critical level.

Delta/BJDS approaches every project with sustainability at the forefront. Minimizing waste, by diverting materials from landfills, is a source of pride for Delta/BJDS.

Materials Diverted from Landfills:

  • Concrete: Rubble generated from the demolition of existing buildings, concrete slabs, and other masonry structures. Includes concrete, brick, cinder blocks, etc.
  • Metals: Recycling scrap metals has a huge impact on the environment. The recycling process reduces greenhouse gas emissions and conserves natural resources.
  • Gypsum Wallboard: Renovating an existing structure reduces the environmental impact; however, large amounts of gypsum wallboard is often a bi-product of interior demolition. Gypsum is reused by the agriculture industry.
  • Carpet: With improvements to technology, carpet recycling has become more cost effective. Carpets are broken down and processed to generate new plastic and carpet products.
  • Ceiling Tile: Like Gypsum Wallboard, Ceiling Tiles are the result of renovating an existing structure. Through the recycling process, old ceiling tiles become new ceiling tiles.
  • Appliances & Other Reusable Items: Through our network of partners, Delta/BJDS Inc. prides itself on finding ways to reuse any item found on your project site. Often, the result benefits those less fortunate; by donating usable appliances to organizations that ensure the reach individuals who can use these items.