About Us Delta/BJDS

Our Company History

Founded in 1982 by Robert Lavelle, Sr. and his wife, Sallie Lavelle, Delta/BJDS has grown from a small local company focused on the removal of asbestos and the installation of insulation to a large, multi-faceted corporation dedicated to the demands, details and deadlines of an array of insulation, demolition and environmental remediation jobs.

Delta/BJDS offers a full complement of in-demand contracting services built on the knowledge and skills of a reliable network of experienced contractors, full time consultants and in-house experts. Our interactions with clients and understanding of the issues they face make us a partner that is chosen, trusted and referred at a rate that is a strong source of family pride.

As one of the nationally recognized companies for specialty expert contracting services, our work–and our attitude–sets us apart. You’ll notice the difference when you consider Delta/BJDS’ commitment to:

  • Communicative, personalized client contact
  • Safety and liability compliance
  • Attention to detail and schedule
  • Superior staffing levels
  • Great insurance and bonding
  • Strong union affiliations
  • 24/7 availability via our Quick-Response Service Department

It pays to know DELTA/BJDS.

The challenges, headaches and potential “deal-breakers” you face are business as usual for Delta/BJDS. We know the industry, its intricacies and have the insight to get you through your project with trustworthy, cost-efficient solutions rooted in safety and quality.